To establish ourselves as a partnership with our Customer and our Suppliers and to strive towards providing a level of service delivery that exceeds the expectations of those we serve, thereby maintaining ourselves as our Customers’ first service provider of choice to always, conduct business with uncompromising honesty and integrity.


Qestmed is a wholly owned South African healthcare company, and is fully Black Empowered. The Qestmed Group came into being way back in 1989 with the establishment of its’first venture into the South African Healthcare Market, through Day Clinic Supplies, a businessthat is still well known today.

We stand proud today, some 25 years later, as Day Clinic Supplies continues to service around 85% of the Independent Day Clinic market nationally. As good reputation does not happenby accident , we strongly believe that our continued success is attributable to our ongoing relentless commitment to service delivery to both our Customers and our Suppliers.

Service delivery remains the Company’s key focus, and this is driven from all reins within the Company. Behind the efficient delivery and unique convenience of a comprehensive list of pharmaceutical and surgical products and related services, stand our dedicated Qestmed people who represent the real assets of the Group and who fully understand the meaning of “service delivery”.

The groups’ core business is group procurement; marketing; selling and logistical service of both pharmaceutical and surgical consumables, to both the private and the public healthcare providers. This is done through the Group companies and divisions, each focusing and specialising on different niche service areas in the healthcare enviroment.


Qestmed is steered by a management team that is young; dynamic; self-starters; and representative of a colourful mix of our “New South African” men and women.

Qestmed strives on the conviction that the healthcare industry will always need efficient purchasing coupled with efficient service delivery. Today, major changes to healthcare legislation and sweeping changes away from the traditional “fee for service” billing models in the private sector, towards alternate models such as per diems; fixed fees and to an extent, global fees, demand a tighter control and renewed focus all input costs for healthcare services providers.

In addition to this the efforts by Government to get our new National Healthcare Insurance (NHI) off the ground, means that we need to be geared to supply real cost effective healthcare to the Nation at large.

Driven by this coviction, Qestmed will continue to offer its services towards the delivery of affordable and efficient healthcare products to all care-givers through its total service offering, without compromising on quality, hence our mission statement, “To contribute to the efficient delivery of quality healthcare products and services to all people of Southern Africa”.

Qestmed is registered with all relevant authorities, the South African Medicines Control Council, the Department of Health and the South African Pharmacy Council. The Group also holds valid registration for courier retail pharmacy activities as well as specialist chemotherapy drug mixing facilities and has on-line billing capabilities with all medical aid schemes and administrators.

Qestmed values its people. We believe in our people. We have equipped our people to perform, freed our people to be forward thinkers and guided our team to be amoungst the industry leaders in the country. This is an ongoing program to which the Company remains committed.

The Company’s founding management has over time, been succeeded by their younger counterparts who have been with the Group since early inception. A “succession plan” was implemented many years ago, and as such still continues today as an on going process, thereby ensuring the continuation of the Company’s culture; values and business approach to its Customers and Suppliers.